Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell provides a priest of elemental air with the ability to conjure a powerful column of wind that can bear his weight, permitting him to fly or glide for long distances.

If used from a high place such as a mountainside or tower, the caster can glide a maximum horizontal distance of 20 feet per foot of initial altitude-for example, if the priest used this spell and launched himself from a hilltop 800 feet high, he could glide a maximum distance of 16,000 feet, or about 3 miles.

If windborne is cast by a priest on level ground, the initial gust carries him aloft to a maximum altitude of 10 feet per caster level. From that point, he may then glide 10 feet per foot of initial altitude. For example, a 7th-level priest would ascend to an altitude of 70 feet and thus be able to glide for a total horizontal distance of 700 feet. He can choose to glide for a much shorter distance, but never less than his initial altitude.

While gliding, the priest moves at a rate of 15 (or about 450 feet) with a maneuverability class of D. Each round, he drops between 20 and 40 feet. He can choose to descend at a much more rapid pace, dropping up to 200 feet per round without risk of a damaging impact upon landing. The caster doesn't gain a mastery of aerial combat with this spell and suffers a -2 penalty to his attack rolls and Armor Class if he becomes involved in combat while gliding.

The material component for this spell is the feather from a giant eagle .