Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This powerful spell creates a disruption in magical forces similar to the conditions found in wild magic regions (areas where the effects of magic have been permanently altered). This spell has only a temporary effect, although the effects of wildzone could possibly be rendered permanent.

The spell creates a wild magic region centered on the caster. The area of effect cannot be shaped in any way; it is always a square 300 feet long on each side (90,000 square feet).

Within the wildzone, wild magic reigns. Any spell cast in the area of effect is automatically treated as a wild surge (see Table 2). Effects from magical items that expend charges are also treated as wild surges when used in the area. Other

magical items function normally.

Spells cast into the wildzone from outside the area of effect function normally, but spells cannot be cast out of the area of effect without triggering a wild surge.

The material components are several pots of paint which must be spilled across a sheet of hammered silver worth no less than 2,000 gp.