Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

By means of this spell, the wild mage is able to shape and direct the patterns of water currents,allowing him to mold liquids into a variety of forms. The spell affects a quantity of liquid no larger than the area of effect. If cast onto a larger body, such as an ocean or large lake, the spell affects only the water within the area of effect.

After casting waveform, the mage can form the water into any desired shape. The spell does not bind the liquid together in any fashion; it is still limited by its fluid properties and gravity. Thus, a mage could not use waveform to create a humanoid creature with arms and legs and direct it to walk across land. He could, however, create a roughly human shape with flowing arms that rises out of the water, crashes forward in a huge splash, then rises and repeats the process. Other possible shapes include gigantic waves, geysers, whirlpools, and troughs.

The shape takes one round to form, after which it can be maintained by concentration.The shape can be directed to move in any direction at the rate of 90 feet per round. If the waveform moves into or through a body of water, the form loses no intensity. However, if the wave is moved over dry ground, it loses one die of damage for every 10 feet crossed.

If propelled against a target, the waveform causes ld4 points of damage per level of the caster to creatures in its path. The waveform can be directed against creatures on the surface or underwater. Those struck are allowed a saving throw; success indicates half damage.

If the victims are in or on a body of water, the shape will sweep them along. Creatures of small size are carried with the form, moving at its speed. Medium and large size creatures are swept along at half the water