Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell calls into being a curtain or field of water that remains intact and upright in defiance of gravity. The wall lasts as long as the wizard chooses to concentrate on maintaining it or one round per level if the wizard chooses not to concentrate on holding it together. The caster may shape the wall of water in one of three ways:

A. Water Curtain. In this form, the wizard conjures one plane of water, 5 feet square and 1 foot thick, per experience level; for example, a 5th-level caster can create five 5-foot x 5-foot x 1-foot wall sections that would be enough to block an arched passageway 15 feet wide and 10 feet high with a curtain of water 1 foot thick. The curtain's lower edge must rest upon the ground, but need not be anchored on either side, and it remains cohesive and upright for the duration of the spell. Once raised, the wall cannot be moved.

B. Hemisphere. In this manifestation, the wall of water forms a dome 1 foot thick over the caster, with an inner radius equal to 3 feet plus 1 foot per caster level; a 7th level caster could create a dome with a 10 foot radius. The wall must rest upon the ground. The dome is immobile.

C. Sphere. If cast underwater, the caster may shape the wall of water into a sphere 1 foot thick, with an inner radius equal to 3 feet plus 1 foot per caster level (no air is in the sphere). The sphere is centered on the caster and moves with him.

In any form, the wall of water has two primary effects. First of all, missile fire through the wall is next to impossible, suffering a -4 attack penalty for each foot of thickness as well as -1 damage penalty for every two feet of thickness. Creatures gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against attack spells that must pass through the wall. If the spell allows no saving throw, none is granted by the wall of water. Secondly, physical passage through the wall is hindered; any creature trying to pass through must take one full round to do so and becomes soaked to the skin in the process. The wall of water can be defeated or bypassed by a number of spells or effects. At the end of the spell's duration, the water loses its cohesiveness and collapses, which may surprise those sheltering under the hemisphere or standing next to the curtain. Note the water itself may be fresh water (25% chance), salt water (50% chance) or brackish (25% chance), although the sphere will always be composed of the water type that surrounds it. The material component is a vial full of blessed spring water.