Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

When this spell is cast, the wizard causes a vertical iron wall to spring into being. This wall can be used to seal off a passage or close a breach, for the wall inserts itself into any surrounding nonliving material if its area is sufficient to do so. The wall of iron is _-inch thick per level of experience of the spellcaster. The wizard is able to create an iron wall of up to 15 square feet per experience level; thus, a 12th-level wizard can create a wall of iron with an area of 180 square feet. The wizard can double the wall's area by halving its thickness.

If the caster desires, the wall can be created vertically resting on a flat surface, so that it can be tipped over to fall on and crush any creature beneath it. The wall is 50% likely to tip in either direction. This chance can be modified by a force of not less than 30 Strength and 400 pounds mass—each pound over 400 or Strength point over 30 alters the

chance by 1% in favor of the stronger side. Creatures with room to flee the falling wall may do so by making successful saving throws vs. death. Those who fail are killed. Huge and gargantuan creatures cannot be crushed by the wall.

The wall is permanent, unless successfully dispelled, but it is subject to all forces a normal iron wall is subject to—rust, perforation, etc.

The material component of this spell is a small piece of sheet iron.