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Uplift bestows increased spellcasting ability on one priest, including additional spells per level and use of spells beyond the caster's normal level. This cooperative spell requires two priests who must spend the day casting this spell. During the casting, the priests must decide which additional spells (of all levels) are desired. Upon completion of the casting, the priests touch palms, and the priest of higher level receives a charge of magical energy. This charge temporarily boosts the level of the priest for spellcasting purposes. The amount of increase is one level per five levels of the lower level caster (fractions rounded up). If both priests are of equal level, the casters must decide who benefits from the spell.

The spell grants the priest the spellcasting ability of the new level. It does not improve hit points, attack rolls, or other abilities. If the increase allows more spells per level, the additional spells are instantly placed in the character's memory. A priest is also enabled to cast spells normally beyond his level. Range, duration, area of effect, and other variables are all based on the character's temporary level.

The increased effect lasts only 1 turn. At the end of the turn, all additional spells are lost and the character reverts to his normal level.

As an example, consider a party with a fallen comrade. The two priests in the party are 7th and 8th level, both unable to cast raise dead. After a night's rest, each priest adds uplift to his memorized spells. After casting the spell, the 8th-level priest suddenly gains the casting abilities of a 10th-level priest, including the ability to cast raise dead. At the end of one turn, the priest's abilities revert to 8th-level.

Casting this spell is an arduous task, causing a severe drain on the priests. When the spell expires, the uplifted character suffers 2d6 points of damage from mental exhaustion.

This damage cannot be healed by any means until the character has had at least eight hours of rest.

The material components are the priests' holy symbols and an offering worth at least 500 gp from each priest.