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This spell enchants a log, plank, or similar piece of wood to become a temporary steed. The log or plank must be at least one foot wide, three inches thick, and three to ten feet long. Any type of wood is suitable.

When the spell is cast, the log sprouts four wooden, horselike legs. The tree steed may be ridden like a normal horse and may be used to carry equipment. The tree steed can carry up to 600 pounds of riders and gear before breaking. If the tree steed breaks under the weight of the riders or gear, the enchantment instantly ends and the tree steed again becomes a normal (although broken) log or plank.

The tree steed obeys all of the caster's verbal commands to move, slow, speed up, stop, and turn. It has a movement rate of 12 on land. It can move in the water (Sw 6), floating on the surface and paddling with its legs. The tree steed must remain within 10 yards of the caster in order to move; if the distance between the tree steed and the caster exceeds 10 yards, the tree steed stops until the caster is again within range.

The tree steed will not fight for the caster and is incapable of any action other than movement. The tree steed does not become fatigued and does not eat. It has all the vulnerabilities of normal wood, including fire, and can be damaged by both magical and physical attacks. It has AC 8 and 20 hit points.

The material components are a log or plank of suitable size and a horseshoe.