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With this spell, the caster creates the slightly concave, circular plane of force known as Tenser's floating disc (after the famed wizard whose greed and ability to locate treasure are well known).

The disc is three feet in diameter and holds 100 pounds of weight per level of the wizard casting the spell. The disc floats at approximately three feet above the ground at all times and remains level. It floats along horizontally within its range of 20 yards at the command of the caster, and will accompany him at a movement rate of no more than 6. If unguided, it maintains a constant interval of six feet between itself and the wizard.

If the spellcaster moves beyond range (by moving faster, or by such means as a teleport spell, or by trying to take it more than three feet from the surface beneath it), or if the spell duration expires, the floating disc winks out of existenceand whatever it was supporting crashes to the surface beneath it.

The material component of the spell is a drop of mercury.