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When this spell is cast, a thin beam of destructive blue force springs forth from the caster’s fingertip and strikes any one object within range. The beam imparts an immense amount of energy to the object struck, causing it to spontaneously explode. Large, massive objects have more potential destructive energy than small, lightweight objects, but the wizard must hold the beam on the larger object for a longer time in order to cause detonation.

The beam has two principal effects: First of all, the object struck is disintegrated if it fails its item saving throw. Secondly, any creature near the destroyed item suffers damage proportional to the weight of the item detonated, plus blast damage of 1d6 points per two caster levels. Creatures caught within the blast radius may attempt a saving throw vs. paralyzation for half damage (1 point per caster level), but the base damage of the explosion may not be saved against.

Weight (lb.) Resonance Time Base Damage Explosive Radius
1–5 Instant 1d8 2 ft.
6–25 Instant 1d12 3 ft.
26–100 One rd. 1d20 5 ft.
101–500 Two rds. 2d12 10 ft.
501–2,000 Three rds. 3d12 15 ft.

Objects more massive than 2,000 pounds are simply too big to detonate. Living flesh and enchanted objects or items are immune to the destructive resonance, but a wizard could choose to use Tenser’s destructive resonance on an object worn or carried by another creature. However, if he does so, the victim is entitled to a saving throw vs. spell to negate the beam entirely and prevent any damage at all, and then gains a save for half damage against the blast effect even if the beam succeeds in detonating his equipment.

The material component for this spell is a tiny orb of finely-crafted gold with a small removable ring surrounding it that must be taken off as the spell is cast.