Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell establishes direct, two-way mental contact between the priest and a single subject. The subject must have Intelligence of at least 5 for the spell to take effect. While the spell is in effect, the two participants can communicate silently and rapidly, regardless of whether they share a common language.

Telepathy does not give either participant access to the other's thoughts, memories, or emotions. Participants can only "hear" the thoughts that the other participant actively "sends." Mind-to-mind communication is approximately four times faster than verbal communication. The level of complexity that can be communicated is only that which can be expressed through language. Gestures, expressions, and body language cannot be conveyed.

A priest can establish separate "telepathic channels" to multiple individuals. Each linkage is established through a separate casting of the spell. There is no network between the channels. For example, Balfas the priest establishes telepathy with Alra the warrior and Zymor the thief by casting this spell twice. Balfas can communicate a single thought to both Alra and Zymor, but Alra and Zymor cannot communicate with each other. Balfas, however, can "target" a thought so that only one of the two participants receives it.

If the priest casts this spell on an unwilling subject (for example, if the priest wants to silently threaten or taunt the subject), the subject receives a saving throw vs. spell to resist the effect. Willing subjects need not make a saving throw.

Lead sheeting of more than _ " thickness will totally block telepathy.