Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

A taunt spell enables the caster to jape and jeer effectively at a single type of creature with an Intelligence of 2 or greater.

The caster need not speak the language of the creatures. His words and sounds have real meaning for the subject creature or creatures: challenging, insulting, and generally irritating and angering the listeners. Those failing to save vs. spell rush forth in fury to do battle with the spellcaster.

All affected creatures attack the spellcaster in melee if physically capable of doing so, seeking to use body or hand-held weapons rather than missile weapons or spells.

Separation of the caster from the victim by an impenetrable or uncrossable boundary (a wall of fire, a deep chasm, a formation of set pikemen) causes the spell to break. If the caster taunts a mixed group, he must choose the type of creature to be affected.

Creatures commanded by a strong leader (i.e., with a Charisma bonus, with higher Hit Dice, etc.) might gain a saving throw bonus of +1 to +4, at the DMs discretion.

If used in conjunction with a ventriloquism spell, the creatures may attack the apparent source, depending upon their Intelligence, a leader's presence, and so on.

The material component is a slug, which is hurled at the creatures to be taunted.