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For The Wizard Spell, see Symbol (Wizard).

The priest casting this spell inscribes a glowing symbol in the air upon any surface, according to his desire. Any creature looking at the completed symbol within 60 feet must roll a successful saving throw vs. spell or suffer the effect. The symbol glows for one turn for each experience level of the caster. The particular symbol used is selected by the caster at the time of casting. The caster will not be affected by his own symbol. One of the following effects is chosen by the caster: Hopelessness: Creatures seeing it must turn back in dejection or surrender to capture or attack unless they roll successful saving throws vs. spell. Its effects last for 3d4 turns.

Pain: Creatures affected suffer -4 penalties to their attack rolls and -2 penalties to their Dexterity ability scores due to wracking pains. The effects last for 2d10 turns.

Persuasion: Creatures seeing the symbol become of the same alignment as and friendly to the priest who scribed the symbol for 1d20 turns unless a saving throw vs. spell is successful.

The material components of this spell are mercury and phosphorous (see 8th-level wizard spell, symbol).