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With this spell, the caster can evoke a dazzling beam of light each round in which no action other than movement is performed. The sunray is like a ray of natural sunlight. All creatures in the 10-foot-diameter area of effect must roll successful saving throws vs.

spell or be blinded for 1d3 rounds, those using infravision at the time for 2d4 rounds.

Creatures to whom sunlight is harmful or unnatural suffer permanent blindness if the saving throw is failed, and are blinded for 2d6 rounds if the saving throw is successful.

Those within its area of effect, as well as creatures within 20 feet of its perimeter, lose any infravision capabilities for 1d4+1 rounds.

Undead caught within the sunray's area of effect receive 8d6 points of damage, onehalf if a saving throw vs. spell is successful. Those undead 20 feet to either side of the sunray's area of effect receive 3d6 points of damage, no damage if a save is successful. In addition, the ray may result in the total destruction of those undead specifically affected by sunlight, if their saving throws are failed. The ultraviolet light generated by the spell inflicts damage on fungoid creatures and subterranean fungi just as if they were undead, but no saving throw is allowed.

The material components are an aster seed and a piece of adventuring feldspar (sunstone).