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This spell is effective only on the night of a full moon and one night immediately preceding and following it.

For the spell to be effective, the caster and the lycanthrope must be on the same plane of existence;there is no other range limitation. When the spell is cast, the nearest lycanthrope (as determined by the DM) of the chosen species must attempt a saving throw. If successful, the creature is unaffected. If it fails, the lycanthrope instantly appears near the caster.

Upon arrival, the creature can freely attack the wizard unless the caster has created a warding circle. If a circle is present, the lycanthrope appears in the circle; otherwise, it appears Id10 feet away from the caster in a random direction (the DM should use the scatter diagram for grenadelike missiles found in the DUNGEON MASTER@ Guide to determine direction).

A warding circle is a temporary prison drawn with specially prepared pigments laced with silver filings. These pigments cost 100 gp for each foot of diameter of the circle (thus, a circle 10 feet across costs 1,000 gp). A warding circle must be at least 5 feet in diameter; if smaller, the lycanthrope is automatically freed. Preparing the circle takes one turn per foot of diameter.

Even with such protection, the lycanthrope can break out of the circle and wreak vengeance upon the summoner. The creature