Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

By casting this spell on a group of lawful creatures, the priest imbues each creature with a Strength bonus equal to that of the strongest creature in the group. To be affected by the spell, all creatures must touch the hand of the priest at the time of casting. Only human, demihuman, and humanoid creatures of man-size or smaller may be affected. The characters can be a mixed group of Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, or Lawful Evil alignments. The spell will not take effect if any creature of Neutral or Chaotic alignment is included in the group.

Prior to casting, one creature is designated the keystone. There may never be more than one keystone in a group, even if another creature has equal strength.

Upon completion of the spell, all affected characters gain a bonus to damage equal to the keystone's bonus to damage from Strength. Any magical bonuses belonging to the keystone are not added; only the keystone's natural strength is conferred on the group.

This bonus supersedes any bonus a character might normally receive. Thus, a warrior with 16 Strength (a +1 bonus to damage) who benefits from this spell with a keystone who has Strength 18/07 (a damage bonus of +3) gains a total bonus of +3 to damage (not +4 to damage). The keystone receives no bonus.

Affected creatures gain no improvements to THAC0, bend bars/lift gates, or other functions of Strength.

The spell ends if the keystone is killed before the duration expires. The bonus and duration are not affected if a member of the group is killed within the duration of the spell.