Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell 'steals' the enchantment from a magical item and places it within another,nonmagical item(the material component). Both objects must be touched by the wizard during casting.The two items must be of the same category(blunt weapon,edged weapon,ring ,amulet, shield, armor, wand, etc.).

The enchantment can be transferred only to a nonmagical item.Only the energy of one item can be transferred ;it is not possible to combine two magical items into one item. The new item has all the properties of the original magical item (including the same number of charges,if any).

At the culmination of the spell, the original magical object is allowed an item saving throw vs.disintegration with all modifiers it is allowed as a magical item.Exceptionally powerful objects (such as artifacts)may be considered to automatically succed the saving throw at the DM's discretion.

If the saving throw is successful,the magical objects resists effect and the spell ends in failure.If the roll is failed, the magical item loses all of its powers,which are transferred to the previously nonmagical object.

Even if the magical item fails its saving throw,the spell's success is not guaranteed.There is a chance that the enchantment might be lost.The base chance of this occurring is 100%,modified by -5% per level of the caster.Thus, a 20th -level wizard has no chance of losing the magic.If the enchantment is lost,both items become nonmagical.

The material component is the nonmagical item which is to receive the enchantment.It must be of equal or greater value than the object to be drained.