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When a statue spell is cast, the wizard or other creature is apparently turned to solid stone, along with any garments and equipment worn or carried. The initial transformation from flesh to stone requires one full round after the spell is cast.

During the transformation, there's an 18% chance that the targeted creature suffers a system shock failure and dies. The creature must roll percentile dice and add its Constitution score to the roll. If the total is 18 or less, the creature dies. If the total is 19 or more, the creature survives the transformation; the creature can withstand any

inspection and appear to be a stone statue, although faint magic is detected from the stone if someone checks for it. Note that a creature with a Constitution of 18 or more will always survive the transformation.

Despite being in this condition, the petrified individual can see, hear, and smell normally. Feeling is limited to those sensations that can affect the granite-hard substance of the individual's body—i.e., chipping is equal to a slight wound, but breaking off one of the statue's arms is serious damage.

The individual under the magic of a statue spell can return to his normal state instantly, act, and then return to the statue state, if he so desires, as long as the spell duration is in effect.

The material components of this spell are lime, sand, and a drop of water stirred by an iron bar, such as a nail or spike.