Squeaking Floors

A surface affected by squeaking floors squeaks loudly when any creature larger than a normal rat (larger than one-half cubic foot or weighing more than three pounds) steps on it or touches it. The spell affects a square whose sides equal the caster's level times 10 feet (a 9th-level priest could affect a square whose sides are 90 feet long).

The squeaks can be heard in a 100-foot radius, regardless of interposing barriers such as walls and doors. The squeaks occur regardless of the surface, whether wood, stone, dirt, or any other solid material. Listeners automatically know the direction of the sounds.

Characters who successfully move silently reduce the radius of the noise to 50 feet.

Those able to fly or otherwise avoid direct contact with the affected surface will not activate the squeaking floor.

The material component is a rusty iron hinge that squeaks when moved.

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