Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This potent spell affects all creatures hostile to the priest within the area of effect. The Power granting the spell causes the spell's effects to manifest in one of two ways: the Chaos variation or the Thought variation.

In the Chaos variation, the fabric of reality is altered to change events. Magical items dysfunction because the fabric of magical reality is changed.

In the Thought variation, the thoughts of the victims of the spell are distorted and altered so that they find themselves unable to function coherently and effectively. Magical items dysfunction because the thoughts of their users are warped to either convince them that the items cannot function or block thought so that proper commands cannot be given.

The effects on the victims of the spell are the same for both variations. Each round, there is a 50% chance that a degeneration effect will occur in the area of effect. When this occurs, two events take place. First, spellcasters lose one spell from each level of spell currently memorized (e.g., a spellcaster who has memorized three spells each from levels 1 through 3 loses one spell from each level for a total of three). Lost spells may be regained normally through rest and memorization.

Second, magical items are affected in the following ways:

  • Weapons and armor lose one level of enchantment (a sword +3 becomes a sword +2, etc.).
  • Magical items that carry charges (wands, rods, staves, etc.) are drained of 1d10 charges.
  • Magical items without pluses or charges must make a saving throw versus spell (using the saving throw of their owner) or become nonmagical.
  • Potions lose all magic and scrolls lose one randomly determined spell.
  • Permanent magical items (swords, boots, armor, etc.) temporarily lose all effects until the spell expires or until the items leave the area of effect and for 1d10 rounds thereafter.

Single-use and charged items are permanently affected by this spell. A potion destroyed by this spell remains useless even after the spell ends.

Within the area of effect, magical communication is impossible due to thought blocks and chaotic effects. No communication magic (ESP, sending, etc.) will function; any spellcaster trying to cast such a spell will be stunned for 1 round per level of the spell he attempts to cast. A reverse of the tongues spell operates continuously in the area of effect. Telepathic communication (e.g., with a familiar) is also impossible.

In the Chaos variation of the spell, the center of the area of effect moves 10' per round. The direction is randomly determined using 1d8 roll and compass points (1N, 2NE, 3E, 4SE, 5S, 6SW, 7W, 8NW). The radius of the spell effect will never exclude the priest who cast the spell; re-roll any result that leads to this occurrence.