Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

When this spell is cast, all persons and intelligent creatures within 10 feet of the caster are instantly transported 24 hours into the future. Creatures outside the area of effect will believe that the affected characters have disappeared. Unwilling creatures can attempt a saving throw vs. spell to resist the effect of skip day.

No time passes for creatures affected by skip day; they are in the exact condition that they were in before the spell was cast. They are fatigued, have recovered no hit points, and carry the same spells. Wizards must wait for actual time to pass before they can memorize spells.

The affected creatures remain in the same location as they were before skip day was cast. Their immediate environment is likely to have changed; for instance, fires have burned out, enemies who were attacking have departed, and weather has changed for better or worse.

Although skip day is a possible substitute for teleporting out of a dangerous situation, it is not without risk; characters could reappear in a situation more threatening than the one they left behind (for instance, a forest fire may have started or a pack of hungry wolves may have arrived).