Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

With this spell, a wizard is able to assume the form of any living thing or creature below demigod status (greater or lesser deity, singular dragon type, or the like). The spellcaster becomes the creature he wishes, and has all of its abilities save those dependent upon Intelligence, innate magical abilities, and magic resistance, for the mind of the creature is that of the spellcaster. Thus, he can change into a griffon and fly away, then to an efreet and fly through a roaring flame, then to a titan to lift up a wagon, etc. These creatures have whatever hit points the wizard had at the time of the shape change. Each alteration in form requires only a second, and no system shock is incurred.

For example, a wizard is in combat and assumes the form of a will o' wisp. When this form is no longer useful, the wizard changes into a stone golem and walks away. When pursued, the golem-shape is changed to that of a flea, which hides on a horse until it can hop off and become a bush. If detected as the latter, the wizard can become a dragon, an ant, or just about anything he is familiar with.

A wizard adopting another form also adopts its vulnerabilities. For example, a wizard who becomes a spectre is powerless in daylight, and is subject to being turned, controlled, or destroyed by opposing clerics. Unlike similar spells, a wizard who is killed in another form does not revert to his original shape, which may disallow certain types of revivification.

The material component is a jade circlet worth no less than 5,000 gp, which shatters at the end of the spell's duration. In the meantime, the circlet is left in the wake of the shape change, and premature shattering ends the spell immediately.