Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell encloses one individual in an extradimensional space. Creatures to be affected must be of size M or smaller. The space can contain only one creature, regardless of size. The priest may use the spell on himself or any creature he touches.

Unwilling targets are allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the entrapment.

While inside the space, the enclosed character is invisible and totally undetectable by any form of scrying. Powerful magic such as contact other plane will indicate that the character is "elsewhere," but will give no more information.

The creature within the extradimensional space can see and hear everything that occurs around him. However, he cannot cast spells, and no action of his can affect anyone or anything in the "real world." While occupied, the extradimensional space is totally immobile. If the caster chooses to occupy the space, he can pass in and out of the space at will. Other creatures can leave or reenter the space only if the caster allows it. To an outside observer, an enclosed character who exits the space simply appears from nowhere.

If the space is occupied when the spell terminates, the occupant is immediately ejected back into the real world and suffers 1d6 hit points of damage in the process.

Any time the extradimensional space is empty, or when the occupant is someone other than the priest, the space follows the priest around. Thus, the priest may seclude a comrade in the extradimensional space, walk past some guards into a building, then release the comrade.

If any other form of extradimensional space (such as a bag of holding ) is taken into the space created by seclusion, both spaces are ruptured and all contents are expelled onto the Astral plane. Extradimensional manipulation can temporarily prevent this.

The material components are a tiny crystal box of the finest workmanship (worth at least 1,500 gp) and a gem of at least 250 gp value. The gem is consumed in the casting; the box is not.