Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This is a cooperative magic spell. It requires a minimum of two priests and can accommodate a maximum of ten. Each priest must cast ring of hands on the same round.

At the end of the casting, the priests involved join hands, thus completing the spell. If any priest breaks the circle, the spell immediately ceases. The priests may not move from their locations but are free to speak. They may not cast spells requiring a somatic or material component while the ring is formed.

The ring of hands forms a protective barrier around the priests and everything within their circle. For each priest, assume a five-foot circumference of the circle; thus, three priests would create a circle of 15-foot circumference. For easy calculation, assume that for each priest, the circle can accommodate four persons.

The barrier functions as a protection from evil spell. Attacks by evil creatures suffer a -1 penalty for every priest forming the circle. Saving throws made by the priests or anyone in the circle against attacks from such creatures receive a +1 bonus for every priest in the circle.

Attempts at mental control over protected creatures are blocked. Extraplanar and conjured creatures are unable to touch the priests and those within the circle, although melee attacks against such creatures by those within the ring break the barrier.

Because the priests casting the spell cannot move and must hold hands, they do not receive any Dexterity bonuses to Armor Class. Furthermore, opponents gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls against the priests, since there is little they can do to avoid a blow.

Creatures within the ring are free to act as they wish. Melee attacks by those within the ring are limited to piercing weapons and suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls since the priests intervene.

The reverse of this spell, ring of woe, functions as detailed above except the effect applies to good creatures as would a protection from good spell.