Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell compels its victim to repeat the action of the previous round. The result of the repetition is always identical to the original result.

For example, if a character fired an arrow and inflicted 4 points of damage, a repeat action spell will cause him to fire a second arrow that will also inflict 4 points of damage.

As long as the victim of the first arrow is within range, the subject affected by repeat action will adjust his aim and fire the second arrow at him. If the victim of the arrow moves out of range, the subject will fire his second arrow in the direction of the recipient.

If the recipient is out of sight, the subject will fire in the direction of the recipient's original location.

The subject of a repeat action spell must be capable of performing the indicated action a second time. If a character has no arrows in his quiver, he cannot fire an arrow. If a wizard were ordered to repeat a spell, he would attempt the spell only if he had the spell memorized and had sufficient material components. If a subject discovered a gem during a given round, repeat action will only compel him to hunt again; he will not recover another gem unless a second gem is actually present.

An unwilling subject is allowed a saving throw vs. spell to resist the effects of repeat action.

The material components are two identical glass spheres, each an inch or less in diameter.