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Frequently mistaken for its less malignant relative, the pyrolisk is virtually identical to the Cockatrice except for the single red feather in its tail and the reddish cast of its wings. Whereas the cockatrice is motivated by instinct alone, the pyrolisk revels in spreading mayhem. Any victims who fail to save vs. death magic when meeting its gaze will instantly burst into flames, dying in agony. If the save is made, they are still burnt for 2-13 (1d12+1) points of damage. Any creature within 30 feet innately or magically immune to fire will not be affected by its gaze, and anyone who makes their saving throw is thereafter immune to the gaze of that particular pyrolisk.

The creature can cause any fire source within 30 yards to explode in fireworks (as a pyrotechnics spell) once per round.

The pyrolisk is itself immune to all fire-based spells and attacks.

The pyrolisk's mortal enemy is the phoenix, although any creature which the monster encounters is likely to be attacked.