Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

When this spell is cast, it creates a magical barrier around the recipient at a distance of 1 foot.The barrier moves with the recipient and has three major effect:

First, all attacks made by evil creatures against the protected creature suffer -2 penalties to attack rolls;any saving throws caused by such attacks are made with +2bonuses.

Second,any attempt to possess or exercise mental control over the protected creature is blocked by this spell.Note that the protection does not prevent a vampire's charm itself,but it does prevent the exercise of mental control through the barrier.Likewise , a possessing life force is merely kept out.It would not be expelled if in place before the protection is cast.

Third,the spell prevents bodily contact by creatures of an extraplanar or conjured nature.This cause the natural weapon attacks require touching the protected being.Animals or monsters summoned or conjured by spells or similar magic are likewise hedged from the character.

This protection ends if the protected character makes a melee attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature.

To complete this spell, the wizard must trace a 3-foot diameter circle on the floor with powdered silver.

This spell can be reversed to become protection from good; the second and third benefits remain unchanged. The material component for the reverse is a circle of powdered iron.