Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell creates supernatural cold in the area of effect, condensing all atmospheric and standing water into a thick rime of ice. If there is no source of water or even enough humidity to support this spell, then the DM can rule that the spell has no effect. The caster affects a cubic area of 1 foot per level to a side, so a 12th-level caster affects a 12-foot by 12-foot by 12-foot cube (up to a maximum of 25 feet to a side). This can have several effects; first of all, any creature caught in the area of effect when the temperature is lowered suffers 2d4 damage plus 1 point per level of the caster (or 2d4+12, for the 12th-level caster described above), or half that damage with a successful saving throw vs. spell. Any fires in the area are suppressed and may (50% chance) be extinguished.

Creatures entering the area of effect after the initial creation of ice suffer no additional damage, although the air will be noticeably dry and cold. However, the ice formed by the spell coats all surfaces and may cause creatures to slip and fall. Any creature moving into or out of the affected area must make a saving throw vs. spell or fall, losing their action for the round. The ice lasts at least 2 rounds per caster level, and then begins to melt at whatever rate nature decrees.

If cast on a body of water, this spell creates an iceberg of the stated dimensions. A swimmer or aquatic creature could be caught in the ice and trapped until the ice melts; most air-breathers will suffocate from this treatment, but a few aquatic creatures (fish, amphibians, etc.) may survive being frozen, at the DM's discretion.

The material component is a scale from a white dragon.