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By joining hands with as many as 12 companions and casting this spell, the priest transports his party to any other plane of existence. The priest and his party may arrive at a specific location in a plane (if one is known) or at an unknown destination. Travel time to the destination, whether known or unknown, will always be at the minimum possible. In an inner plane, a friendly guide will always be available to the priest. Hostile encounters occur at one-fifth normal frequency.

Unwilling creatures are allowed a saving throw at a -4 penalty to avoid being transported.

In the inner planes, the party is magically protected in any means necessary for survival. The party does not need to eat, drink, or rest if conditions make these activities impossible. Party members are immune to fire in the elemental plane of fire, and similar immunities are granted by the Power in other planes as necessary. The party can move through any terrain (including the elemental plane of Earth) at its normal movement rate.

In the outer planes, similar immunities apply. The priest is also granted a power compass (described in Manual of the Plane). Hostile encounters in an outer plane occur only half as often as normal.

The duration of this spell is decided by the Power who grants it. Normally, it is sufficient to allow the priest and his party to undertake the quest that the Power has set forth. When the quest has been completed successfully or has failed beyond recovery, the priest and his party are returned to the Prime Material plane.