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See also Wizard Spells, Player’s Handbook.
See also Wizard Spells, Tome of Magic.

In addition to the usual spell characteristics (range, components, duration, casting time, area of effect, and saving throw), several additional characteristics are included in these new spells. These refer to material discussed in Chapter 8 and include the following items:

Casting Subtlety: This describes how easily the spell may be cast without the caster’s action being spotted for what it is. The number given is the base modifier to an observer’s Intelligence check based on the physical components and casting time of the spell. However, the DM may apply situational modifiers as he deems appropriate.

Sensory Signature: Spells possess sensory signatures ranging from small to gargantuan describing how spectacular and noticeable the spell’s effects are.

Knockdown: If the spell causes a knockdown chance when it strikes a creature, the knockdown die is noted here.

Critical Strikes: If the spell is capable of causing a critical strike check, the spell’s size, number of locations hit, and the type of damage is noted here. For example, lightning bolt would be noted as large (1d3 hits), electricity. Huge creatures treat spells as if they were one size smaller, and gargantuan creatures treat spells as if they were two sizes smaller.

If you are not using any of these optional spell characteristics in your campaign, simply ignore the information; the basic spell description can be used for play in most campaigns.

Wizard Spells