Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell allows the priest to determine the "tenor of the now"--in other words, to learn the "force" that is most dominant at the time. To cast the spell, the priest generates a series of random numbers and then studies the pattern contained in that string of numbers. This pattern contains information about current conditions.

In game terms, when this spell is cast, the DM communicates to the priest's player a single word or short phrase (no more than five words) describing the "tone" of the situation. Examples of suitable "tones" are "imminent danger" (the DM knows a dragon is approaching the area); "peace and tranquility" (the woods in which the PCS camp may look threatening, but the area is actually free of evil influence); or "betrayal" (one of the PCS' hirelings is actually a spy of their enemy). The DM can make this comment cryptic, but it should always be accurate and contain some useful information.

This spell has no specified area of effect. The result of moment reading will always concern the priest and anyone else in his immediate vicinity, but the definition of "vicinity" will vary depending on the circumstances. For example, the tenor of the moment might be "severe danger" if the priest is entering the territory of a dragon who attacks interlopers on sight.

The tenor of the moment is always personally applicable to the priest. For example, even if the priest is in a nation dangerously close to war with its neighbor, this condition will not appear in the tenor of the moment unless the priest is personally involved (if he's currently in the direct path of an invading army, for instance).

One casting of this spell tends to "taint" subsequent castings of the same spell unless they are separated by a minimum length of time. If a priest casts this spell twice within 12 hours, the second reading gives the same result as the first, regardless of the actual situation. If a second priest casts the spell within 12 hours of another priest's use of the spell, he receives an accurate reading.

The material component is a set of 36 small disks made of polished bone engraved with runes that represent numbers. These disks are not consumed in the casting.