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This spell enables the wizard to cast small globes of fire (one for each experience level he has attained), each of which bursts into a one-foot-diameter sphere upon impact, inflicting 1d4 points of damage to the creature struck. It can also ignite combustible materials (even solid planks).

The meteors are treated as missiles hurled by the wizard with a +2 bonus to the attack rolls and with no penalty for range. Misses are treated as grenade-like missiles that inflict 1 point of damage to creatures within three feet.

The spell can be cast in either of two ways:

A) The wizard discharges five meteors every round (see the \"Multiple Attacks and Initiative\" section in Chapter 9: Combat). Note that this carries over into at least the following round.

B) The wizard discharges only one meteor per round. In addition to releasing the missile, the caster can perform other actions in the round, including spellcasting, melee, or device use. Spells requiring concentration force the wizard to forgo the rest of the missiles to maintain concentration.

Also, if the wizard fails to maintain an exact mental count of the number of missiles he has remaining, he has involuntarily lost the remaining portion of the spell.

The spell ends when the caster has fired off as many meteors as he has experience levels, when he forgoes casting any still remaining, or when a successful dispel magic spell is thrown upon the caster.

The components necessary for the casting of this spell are nitre and sulphur formed into a bead by the addition of pine tar. The caster must also have a small hollow tube of minute proportion, fashioned from gold. The tube costs no less than 1,000 gp to construct, so fine is its workmanahip and magical engraving, and it can be reused.