Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell must be cast on stony ground,such as a manmade stone floor,a natural cavern floor, or a boulder-strewn field.It is not possible to cast the spell on a stone wall or ceiling.The spell causes an arm made of stone (about the same size as a normal human limb ) to rise from the ground beneath any creature targeted by the caster.The stony hand attempts to grasp the leg of the targeted creature, who is allowed a saving throw to avoid the effect;if the save is successful,the hand disappears.Each round thereafter, the hand has a 5% chance per level of the caster of reappearing and attacking.

Creatures grasped by the hand suffer a movement rate of 0, AC penalty of -2, and attack penalty of -2. Grasped characters lose any Dexterity bonuses. The hand causes no damage to its victim.

The stony limb has AC 2 and hit points equal to triple the caster's maximum hit points. The maximum number of hit points a stony hand may have is 60.

The material component is a miniature hand sculpted from stone, which crumbles to dust when the conjured hand is destroyed or the spell expires.