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This spell allows a wizard's staff to store one spell level for every three levels of the caster.

Thus, a 9th level wizard can store three spell levels(three 1st level spells,one 1st and 2nd,or one 3rd level spell).

Spells that are to be stored in the staff must be memorized normally by the wizard.The spells are then cast s normal when charging the staff;casting requires the spell's normal casting time plus one round.The spell is wiped from memory and material components are consumed.All spells to be stored must be cast into the staff within 1 turn.

All stored spells have a casting time of 1.

Spells remain in the staff until cast or dispelled, or up to 1 hour per level of the caster. After this time, all stored spells fade away.

Only wizards who now the magic staff spell can cast spells from another wizard's staff. This applies to wizards who have never learned or could not normally cast the spells stored in a staff. It is common, however, for the staff's owner to implement a command word which must be known by anyone wishing to use the staff.

The material component for this spell is a staff cut from an ash tree.For each spell level the wizard intends to imbue into the staff,it must be inlaid with rubies worth at least 1000 gp.