Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

The legend lore spell is used to determine legendary information regarding a known person, place, or thing. If the person or thing is at hand, or if the wizard is in the place in question, the likelihood of the spell producing results is far greater and the casting time is only 1d4 turns. If only detailed information on the person, place, or thing is known, casting time is 1d10 days. If only rumors are known, casting time is 2d6 weeks.

During the casting, the wizard cannot engage in activities other than the routine: eating, sleeping, etc. When completed, the divination reveals if legendary material is available. It often reveals where this material is—by place name, rhyme, or riddle. It sometimes gives certain information regarding the person, place, or thing (when the object of the legend lore is at hand), but this data is always in some cryptic form (rhyme, riddle, anagram, cipher, sign, etc.). Naturally, a legend lore spell reveals information only if the person, place, or thing is noteworthy or legendary.

For example, suppose Delsenora came across an extremely well-made sword. It radiates magic, but when she used an identify spell, she could not learn any information.Even giving it to a trusted fighter didn't work, as the sword did not reveal any special powers. Finally, she casts a legend lore spell, hoping to gain more information. Since the sword is at hand, she completes the spell in three turns. In her mind comes the message, \"Once this was the sword of he who waits till Albion's time of greatest peril, when unto his hand it shall fly again. Fair was the hand that gave me and fair was the hand that reclaimed me.\" Clearly, Delsenora realizes, this must be a very powerful item, since her spell gave only a cryptic answer. But who is he who waits? And where is Albion? For more information, Delsenora is going to have to cast more spells. But now the process will take much longer, since she has only the vaguest of clues to follow.

The legend lore spell is cast with incense and strips of ivory formed into a rectangle, but some item of value to the caster must be sacrificed in addition—a potion, magical scroll, magical item, etc.