Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

An irritation spell affects the epidermis of the subject creatures. Creatures with very thick or insensitive skins (such as buffalo, elephants, scaled creatures, etc.) are basically unaffected. There are two versions of the spell, either of which can be cast from the standard preparation:

Itching. When cast, this causes each subject to feel an instant itching sensation on some portion of its body. If one round is not immediately spent scratching the irritated area, the creature is so affected that the next three rounds are spent squirming and twisting, effectively worsening its Armor Class by 4 and its attack rolls by 2 during this time. Spell preparations are ruined in the first round this spell is in effect, but not in the following three rounds. Doing nothing but scratching the itch for a full round prevents the rest of the effect. If cast at one creature, the saving throw has a -3 penalty; if cast at two creatures, the saving throw has a -1 penalty; and if cast at three or four creatures, the saving throw is normal.

Rash. When a rash is cast, the subject notices nothing for 1d4 rounds, but thereafter its entire skin breaks out in red welts that itch. The rash persists until either a cure disease or dispel magic spell is cast upon it. It lowers Charisma by 1 point per day for each of four days (i.e., maximum Charisma loss is 4 points). After one week, Dexterity is lowered by 1 point also. Symptoms vanish immediately upon the removal of the rash, and all statistics return to normal. This can be cast at one creature only, with a saving throw penalty of -2.

The material component for this spell is a leaf from poison ivy, oak, or sumac.