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This spell transforms the caster's body into living iron, which grants him several powerful resistances and abilities.While the spell is in effect, the caster can only be injured by blunt weapons of +3 or better value, or monsters of 8+3 Hit dice or more. Slashing weapons,falling, crushing, and constriction attacks of all type are completely unable to harm the caster,although an attack may knock him off-balance or pin him beneath tons of debris. Spells or attacks that affect the subject's physiology or respiration-for example, poison, cloud kill, enfeeblement, contagion or vain touch-fail completely, since the caster has no physiology or respiration while the spell is in effect. Also, spells that have weight limits should be applied to the wizard as if he weighed over 3000 pounds. The wizard ignores electrical attacks and saves at +4 against fire attacks. If he saves, he takes quarter damage;if not, he takes half damage. If hit with a rod of smiting, he takes 2d8+6 points of damage unless the attacker rolls a natural 20.If this occurs, then the damage is doubled.

In addition to the natural immunities of an iron body, the wizard enjoys powerful offensive abilities. His strength score is raised to 20 for the duration of the spell, and he can punch or bludgeon his enemies twice per round for 1d4 points of damage per blow, plus his strength bonus. Unfortunately,his movement becomes slow and awkward, so he is reduced to a move of 3 and suffers a -2 penalty to his initiative rolls.Most importantly, the wizard's clumsiness and lack of breath prevent him from casting any spells while the iron body is in effect.

Iron body may create additional hazards for the wizard as the DM deems appropriate. For example,rust monsters are extremely dangerous to a wizard using this spell.Heat metal spells inflict double damage to the caster, And, naturally, the wizard sinks like a stone in water-although he could survive the crushing pressure and lack of air at the bottom of the ocean-at least until the spell expired.Some magical items, such as potions or winded instruments, may be temporarily unusable as well.

The material component for this spell is a small piece of iron that once belonged to an iron golem.