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By casting this spell, the wizard can empower a creature with superhuman strength. Unlike the 2nd-level strength spell, improved strength allows the recipient of the spell to ignore race or class restrictions on his maximum Strength score, possibly reaching scores as high as 25. The exact amount of strength gained varies by the recipient’s class group:

Class Strength Gain*
Warrior 1d8+4 (max 25)
Priest 1d6+4 (max 23)
Rogue 1d6+4 (max 23)
Wizard 1d4+4 (max 21)

* Count each percentile bracket of exceptional strength as one point; the strength gain proceeds as 18, 18/01, 18/51, 18/76, 18/91, 18/00, 19, and so on.

Even if the recipient is not a warrior, he gains all the benefits of an exceptional Strength category; for example, if a thief with a Strength of 14 gained 7 points, he would possess a Strength of 18/76 for the duration of the spell. In addition to the attack and damage bonus, increased chance to open doors or bend bars, and increased carrying capacity, the spell recipient may temporarily gain the ability to throw boulders as a giant of equivalent Strength, as shown below:

Giant Type
Rock Hurling
19 Hill Giant 80 yards 1d6
20 Stone Giant 100 yards 1d8
21 Frost Giant 100 yards 1d8
22 Fire Giant 120 yards 1d8
23 Cloud Giant 140 yards 1d10
24 Storm Giant 160 yards 1d12
25 Titan 200 yards 1d20

When the spell ends, the recipient is struck by intense exhaustion; he can do nothing except rest for 1d3 full turns to recover his strength. The material component is a strand of hair from a giant.