By use of this spectacular spell, the priest rearranges the extradimensional and spatial geometries of the molecules of one or more creatures. The result is that the rearrangement of the target creature causes it to implode (collapse inward upon itself) or invert (its insides become its outsides and vice versa).

The result is usually inversion, unless the target would not be adversely affected by this process (e.g., a slime, ooze, golem, elemental, etc.). In this case, implosion takes place. In either case, the effect kills/destroys the target instantaneously unless it makes a successful saving throw versus death magic at a -4 penalty.

The priest can affect one creature per round with this spell. After each round, the priest must make a Constitution check. If this fails, the priest is overwhelmed with the effort of sustaining the spell, at which time the spell terminates, leaving the priest fatigued (the equivalent of being stunned) for 1d4 rounds. The maximum possible duration of the spell is 3 turns.

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