Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell enables the caster to create a magical 10-foot-wide road extending 10 feet in front of him. The caster can create an unbroken road for the duration of the spell, creating a 10-foot area ahead of him as long as he continues to move forward.

The road is approximately one foot thick and hovers in the air. It has the texture and color of black granite. Characters and creatures can move on the hovering road at their normal movement rate, ignoring the effects of surrounding terrain.

The hovering road must originate from a solid surface. Once anchored, the caster controls the contour of the road, causing it to rise and fall as he wishes. The road can thus be used to traverse rivers (if the road is anchored on the shore), swamps, and similarly hostile terrain. The caster can cause the hovering road to rise over a jungle or cross a chasm.

The road has AC 0. It is impervious to non-magical weapons. If the road suffers 100 points of damage (from magical weapons or other magical forces), it dissipates in a black mist; all those on the road fall to the ground below.

Unless the road is destroyed, the entire hovering road remains intact from beginning to end for the duration of the spell, even if the caster is killed or incapacitated. At the end of the spell's duration, the entire road dissipates.

The material components are a chunk of black marble and a loop of gold wire.