Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

The highway spell creates a shimmering plane of force that acts as a magical conveyor for the priest. By standing at the forward edge of the 10 x 100 yard plane, the priest and as many followers as can fit onto the square can travel as outlined below.

The highway travels 30 miles per hour (MV 88) over all terrains. The priest sets the height of the highway in a range from 1 foot to 100 yards above ground level. The highway moves as the priest wills; if the priest wishes to fix a destination in his mind, the highway will take the shortest route to that destination until the priest changes the course in his mind.

The highway cannot be used offensively. It will automatically travel over or around obstacles such as buildings and large creatures. It protects creatures traveling on it from adverse effects of the elements (ice, rain, gales, etc.). The highway can hover in place, but hovering can be achieved only at a height of 12 inches above ground level.

When the spell expires or the destination is reached, the highway gently lowers the priest and his party to the ground. The priest may order the highway to drop off creatures and collect others at intermediate destinations, although the priest who cast the spell must remain on the highway or it will disappear.