Heroes' Feast

This spell enables the priest to bring forth a great feast that serves as many creatures as the priest has levels of experience. The spell creates a magnificent table, chairs, service, and all the necessary food and drink. The feast takes one full hour to consume, and the beneficial effects do not set in until after this hour is over. Those partaking of the feast are cured of all diseases, are immune to poison for 12 hours, and are healed of 1d4+4 points of damage after imbibing the nectarlike beverage that is part of the feast. The ambrosialike food that is consumed is equal to a bless spell that lasts for 12 hours. Also, during this same period, the people who consumed the feast are immune to fear, hopelessness, and panic. If the feast is interrupted for any reason, the spell is ruined and all effects of the spell are negated.

The material components of the spell are the priest's holy symbol and specially fermented honey taken from the cells of bee larvae destined for royal status.

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