Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

When the spell is cast, a thin beam of shimmering,kaleidoscopic light shoots from the wizards fingertips toward his target. The victim is allowed a saving throw to resist the beam.

This spell has no effect on nonspellcasters, causing them no harm whatsoever. Creatures with innate spell-like abilities are also unaffected. Against wizards and priests, this spell can be devastating. It 'short-circuits' the arcane energy stored in a spellcaster's mind, wiping away a number of memorized spells.Lost spells must be rememorized.

The number of spells drained is equal to the caster's level minus 1d20. Thus,a 16th-level wizard drains a macimum of 15 apells, but could drains no spells depending on the die roll.After subtracting the die roll from the caster's level,any result of zero or a negative number indicates that the victim loses no spells.

Spells are drained from the wizard's mimorized spells beginning with 1st-level spells and working up to higher level spells.Any decision regarding which spell should be drained from a specific level should be determined randomly.