Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell is a deeper and more extensive version of rapport, in that it lets the priest communicate silently and instantly with several willing subjects. The number of subjects (in addition to the priest) depends on the caster's level: Level Number of participants 13 and below 2 14-16 4 17 6 18 7 19+ 8 As with rapport, the spell lets the participants share thoughts, emotions, and memories. Each participant sees, hears, and otherwise senses everything experienced by the other, although such "vicarious" experiences feel weak and cannot be mistaken for direct sensations. Participants can shut off these experiences at will if they find them confusing or distracting.

The participants can share such personal concepts as plans, hopes, and fears, although they cannot communicate complex or detailed information. It is impossible to communicate the procedure for casting a spell or picking a lock.

Communication through group mind is approximately 30 times faster than verbal communication. The priest can maintain only one group mind spell at any time; thus, he cannot communicate with multiple groups.

This spell cannot be used on unwilling subjects.