Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

Copper coins can temporarily be changed to gold pieces, or brass items turned to solid gold, for the spell duration by means of this magic. The area of effect is ten cubic inches per level - i.e., a 1\" x 1\" x 10\" volume or equivalent, equal to about 150gold coins.

Any creature viewing the \"gold\" is entitled to a saving throw vs. spell, which can be modified by the creature's Wisdom; for every level of the wizard, the creature must subtract 1 from his dice roll. Thus it is unlikely that fools' gold will be detected if it was created by a high-level caster.

If the \"gold\" is struck hard by an object of cold-wrought iron, there is a slight chance it will revert to its natural state, depending on the material component used to create the - \"gold.\"

If a 25-gp citrine is powdered and sprinkled over the metal as this spell is cast, the chance that cold iron will return it to its true nature is 30%;

if a 50-gp amber stone is powdered and used, there is a 25% chance that iron will dispel the magic;

if a 250-gp topaz is powdered, the chance drops to 10%;

if a 500-gp oriental (corundum) topaz is powdered, there is only a 1% chance that the cold iron will reveal that it is fools' gold.