Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

A flaming sphere spell creates a burning globe of fire within ten yards of the caster. This sphere rolls in whichever direction the wizard points, at a rate of 30 feet per round. It rolls over barriers less than four feet tall, such as furniture, low walls, etc.

Flammable substances are set afire by contact with the sphere. Creatures in contact with the globe must successfully save vs. spell or suffer 2d4 points of fire damage. Those within five feet of the sphere's surface must also save or suffer 1d4 points of heat damage. A successful saving throw means no damage is suffered.

The DM may adjust the saving throws if there is little or no room to dodge the sphere.

The sphere moves as long as the spellcaster actively directs it, otherwise it merely stays at rest and bums.

It can be extinguished by the same means as any normal fire of its size. The surface of the sphere has a spongy, yielding consistency and so does not cause damage except by its flame. It can-ot push unwilling creatures aside or batter down large obstacles.

The material components are a bit of tallow, a pinch of sulphur, and a dusting of powdered iron.