Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

By means of this spell the wizard causes a normal fire source, such as a brazier, flambeau, or bonfire, to serve as a magical agent, for from this source he causes a gossamer veil of multi-hued flame to encircle the fire at five feet distance.

Any creatures observing the fire or the dancing circle of flame around it must successfully roll a saving throw vs. spell or be charmed into remaining motionless and gazing, transfixed, at the flames. While so charmed, creatures are subject to suggestions of 12 or fewer words, saving vs. spell with a -3 penalty, adjusted for Wisdom. The caster can give one such suggestion to each creature, and the suggestions need not be the same. The maximum duration for such a suggestion is one hour, regardless of the caster's level.

The fire charm is broken if the charmed creature is physically attacked, if a solid object comes between the creature and the veil of flames so as to obstruct vision, or when the duration of the spell expires. Those exposed to the fire charm again may be affected at the DMs option, although bonuses may also be allowed to the saving throws.

Note that the veil of flame is not a magical fire, and passing through it incurs the same damage as would be sustained from passing through its original fire source.

The material component for this spell is a small piece of multi-colored silk of exceptional thinness that the spellcaster must throw into the fire source.