Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

This spell allows the priest to alter the characteristics of certain extradimensional spaces such as those created by rope trick and similar spells or those contained in items like bags of holding or portable holes.

Extradimensional manipulation can increase or reduce the size of a single extradimensional space. The amount of increase or decrease depends on the level of the caster: Level Multiplier Up to 10 x2 11 to 16 x3 17 or above x4 This means that a 10th-level priest can double the capacity of a bag of holding or decrease it to half its normal size. A 15th-level priest can triple the capacity or reduce it to one-third capacity.

If the size and capacity of an extradimensional space is decreased, any contents of the space that exceed the current capacity are expelled (determined randomly). These contents are expelled from the space in the same way they originally entered it, if that path is still open. If the path is closed, as it would be if a bag of holding were tied shut or a portable hole were folded up, the "extra" contents are expelled into the Astral plane.

Any items in an enlarged space when the spell duration expires suffer the same fate.

Placing an extradimensional space inside another such space, such as placing a bag of holding inside a portable hole (see the Dungeon Master's Guide), is a dangerous undertaking. Extradimensional manipulation may be cast for the purpose of removing this danger. When used in this manner, the size of the space cannot be affected. However, while this version is in effect, the affected extradimensional space can be placed within another such space (or another extradimensional space may be placed within the affected space) with no adverse consequences. If one space is within the other when the spell expires, the usual consequences ensue immediately.

If the space to be affected is being maintained by a spellcaster, as in the case of a rope trick, that spellcaster receives a saving throw to resist the manipulation. If the space is created by a magical item, however, no saving throw is allowed.

The material component is a strip of gold tissue worth at least 5 gp that is twisted into a Moebius strip. The strip is consumed in the casting.