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This powerful spell allows a caster to transfer a large area of land in the Prime Material plane to any of the elemental planes. All buildings, people, and wildlife within the area of effect are also transported. The land forms a pocket of the Prime Material plane within the elemental plane. The pocket is a sphere with a diameter equal to the diameter of the land. The surface of the pocket allows creatures to enter or exit the pocket, but prevents the elements from entering the pocket.

Inside the pocket, the land is surrounded by air of a temperature matching that of the Prime Material plane at the moment the land was moved. In addition, a source of water is created within the pocket.

Before the spell is cast, the area to be moved must be surrounded by solid markers of material from the destination plane.Thus,if a wizard wants to move his castle to the Elemental plane of Fire,he must first surround the area with solid blocks of matter from the elemental plane of Fire; such as hardened magma or magically crystallized fire.The blocks must be spaced no more than five feet apart and may be placed above ground or under surface(at a depth of no more than three fee).

The wizard must be within the area to be moved when he casts the spell. When the land moves, a hemispherical crater is left behind in the Prime Material plane. Inside its pocket on the desired plane, the land continues its existence as if

nothing changed, with the exception of occasional visits from planar creatures.

Any land that is moved in this manner can never again be moved with this spell.

The material component (in addition to the markers) is the appropriate magical device to control elementals of the desired plane (bowl commanding water elementals, brazier commanding fire elementals, censer controlling air elementals, or stone controlling earth elementals). The item must be permanently placed at the heart of the area of effect and cannot be used for any other purpose. If the device is disturbed in any way, the spell immediately fails, allowing the energies of the elemental plane to flood into the protected area.