Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki

A priest using this spell can enthrall an audience that can fully understand his language. Those in the area of effect must successfully save vs. spell or give the caster their undivided attention, totally ignoring their surroundings. Those of a race or religion unfriendly to the caster's have a +4 bonus to the roll. Any Wisdom adjustment also applies. Creatures with 4 or more levels or Hit Dice, or with a Wisdom of 16 or better, are unaffected.

To cast the spell, the caster must speak without interruption for a full round.

Thereafter, the enchantment lasts as long as the priest speaks, to a maximum of one hour.

Those enthralled take no action while the priest speaks, and for 1d3 rounds thereafter while they discuss the matter. Those entering the area of effect must also successfully save vs. spell or become enthralled. Those not enthralled are 50% likely every turn to hoot and jeer in unison. If there is excessive jeering, the rest are allowed a new saving throw. The speech ends (but the 1d3 round delay still applies) if the priest is successfully attacked or performs any action other than speaking.

If the audience is attacked, the spell ends and the audience reacts immediately, rolling a reaction check with respect to the source of the interruption, at a penalty of -10.

Note: When handling a large number of saving throws for similar creatures, the DM can assume an average to save time; for example, a crowd of 20 men with a base saving throw of 16 (25% success chance) will have 15 men enthralled and five not.