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This spell allows the priest to perform an instantaneous reading of a single subject's emotional state. It can be used on any subject possessing Intelligence of 3 or better. This reading is neither deep nor specific and cannot pick out mixed emotions or intricate details. For example, it might tell the priest that the subject is fearful, but the spell cannot reveal what the subject is afraid of or why he is afraid.

Emotion read does not reveal individual thoughts or the subject's motivation. Thus, the spell might reveal that the subject is coldly unemotional at the moment, but not the fact that the subject is contemplating the cold-blooded murder of the priest.

Note that this reading is instantaneous. It reveals only the emotion that is strongest at the instant the spell is used. While this will usually be related to the subject's overall emotional state, it is always possible that the subject might be distracted for a moment or remember and respond to past events.

The subject is allowed a normal saving throw vs. spells to resist this spell. If the saving throw is successful, the priest receives no reading at all. If the subject's roll exceeds the necessary number by six or more, the priest perceives an emotion diametrically opposite to the subject's true emotion.

The material component is a square of unmarked white wax.